Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy Days...

Our first semi-big snow in our new house!

And I thought the sky looked really pretty here...

Annnnnnd drumroll. I got my hair done last night. You know this because I blogged about it. After talking to my stylist, we decided to take it slow both for the health of my hair and for the simple fact that I work in a professional environment and I just feel weird about leaving the office one day with almost black hair and coming in the next day as a blonde. I don't know what that's all about, just a feeling I have. So, we started with a heavier bang and some caramel-ish highlights. Now, I have shitty lighting and couldn't quite find a picture that really represents the true color of my hair, but such is life. It looks a little reddish but it's not. Next time I go in, we will add more highlights and more blonde and just keep doing that until I achieve the final look I'm happy with. Hell, I'm so fickle I'll probably change my mind and want something else before then!

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  1. Your house is absolutely gorgeous!!! oh my!!