Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fit in 2010

I'm a pretty big health nut. I watch what I eat, I work out on the regular, and generally lead an overall healthy lifestyle. I was a little more crazy when getting ready for my wedding, so I was in uber shape. And then....I kind of blew it. We sold our house, moved in to a new one, worked on decorating, unpacking, etc. Life happened. And the weight crept up. Now...I'm definitely not overweight. At all. But, I still want the pounds off that I gained. I have 5 pounds to get off, but I'd like to take off 8 or 10. I'm working on it. I've developed an obsession with spinning. It's my new best friend. I usually don't go to classes at the gym, but I tried this once and I was hooked. I'm trying to get back in to my old pattern of getting up at 5 a.m. and heading to the gym. I used to do this religiously, and it's so hard to get back in to it. I love getting off work at 5:15 and being able to go home, cook dinner, do laundry, hang out with the mister....whatever.

I have purchased two "health" type items to get back in the swing of things that I am pretty excited about.

1. The Reebok EasyTones.

Now, I'm a personal trainer part time. I am sensible enough to know just wearing these shoes will make me lose weight. They actually won't make ANYONE lose weight. But they do work really well when I am doing squats and lunges to help add a little extra "oomph" to my toning. I can actually feel my leg muscles working more when I walk in them. So, are they a miracle shoe? No. Not by any means. But they are a great addition to your work out.

2. Body Media GoFit

This thing rocks. It's easy - you put it on your arm, and go. It calculates how many calories you are burning. How much sleep you are getting. How many steps you've taken. You log your meals on the website, plug this in to your computer and it syncs up - telling you how many calories consumed, how many were burned, how many you should be consuming to lose weight, maintain weight, etc. It's fantastic. I love it.
So...we'll see. I'm hoping to have the post-wedding weight off by the end of the month. I've had a set back with being sick for the past six days and not working out. And I have a girl's trip to Nashville at the end of the month that is sure to be 3 days of debauchery. But, I'll get there. I want to be as toned as I was on the wedding day, and like all things, it takes time.

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