Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SATC 2 - You ready?

It's almost here! It's almost here!
Admittedly, I don't have nearly the excitement level I did for the first movie...but the simple fact that Aidan returns is reason enough for me to see this film.
The NYC premiere was last night, and the girls...well, 75% in my opinion...looked FABU.
Miss SJP was rocking her take on the neon trend in a dress from the Valentino Couture Spring 2010 Collection:
Kristin Davis was decked out in neon, too - in a neon pink vintage chiffon Jean Desses dress. She looked gorgeous:
Cynthia Nixon - whom I never find attractive, ever - did look very elegant. She played it safe in black, but it was a beautiful Carolina Herrera gown:

Sigh. Kim Cattrall. Rockin' body at her age. She looks great. This dress? Horrendous. I hated it! I've read mixed reviews, but I think it completely washes her out and it looks dingy. Here she is in Naeem Khan:

Here are a few other guests that I thought looked Carrie Bradshaw-appropriate:
Alassandra Ambrosio - could be a boring dress, but she makes it look amazing. She could probably make a paper sack look amazing, though. Not fair.
Oh, John Corbett. Or Aidan, as I prefer to think of you. You always look gorgeous. Even though it's a little creepy you date Bo Derek.
And what kind of night would it be without a few fashion WTF moments:
Amanda Peet - thanks for showing up dressed so sloppily. You couldn't find a stylish blazer that fit? Tan blazer, printed dress, atrocious black shoes? I'm all for mixing patterns and colors, but this whole outfit looks like she got dressed in a hurry. In the dark. With no mirror.
Jennifer Love Hewitt - why is she still around? Your guess is as good as mine. You're bangs are too long. And Herve Leger? We get it. He makes beautiful, figure-flattering dresses. I'm about as over these dresses as I am her. Can no one think creatively anymore? They just assume, I'm going to be on the red carpet, I'll just pick up an Herve Leger? You can do better than that. Wait...maybe you can't.
Whitney Port. Who? Yeah, Whitney Port. From The Hills. And The City. I can't explain to you why she's famous, either. But, she is. And she's everywhere. I don't terribly hate this outfit...I think I would be okay with each item separately: the shoes without that dress and vice versa...and the hair with a different outfit. But together, it annoys me. Kind of like her.
If you made it all the way through this entry - this by far the snarkiest post I've ever put out there. If you're offended I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not! I'm blunt and sarcastic, and I don't hold back. Hope you enjoyed it, or found it entertaining.

Enjoy SATC 2 this week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Girl

That's right...today's my birthday. I arrived 12 days late, but after only 2 hours of labor, so I took it easy on my mom in that respect. I'm 29. Twentyfreakingnine. Last year in my 20s. I can't believe it! 365 days away from 30...and the only reason that terrifies me is the simple fact that 30 sounds so grown up. And I'm very much still a child at heart. See? This is what my co-workers brought in to celebrate:

One of the best things about my birthday is my family giving me exactly what I want: cash. Because what I'm lusting after right now? THIS:
I might need a few more birthdays before I can indulge. Gotta love Balenciaga...

Friday, May 14, 2010

“It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor's finger.”

Spoken by my favorite, Andy Warhol. But there is something to be said for a great big ring...and not just of the diamond variety. I'm a fan of very large, chunky cocktail rings. Sometimes that's my biggest hold up when going out - deciding which rings I'm going to wear. Here are a few I'm loving right now:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Posh - Smart and Fashionable

That's the dictionary.com result for the word - which I think are definitely two words that come to mind when I think of Victoria Beckham.

I love this woman. I do. I think not only is she gorgeous, cutting edge and super fashionable, but I also find her utterly hilarious. I wish she had more television exposure than she does because when she had the mini reality series about her move to America, I fell even further in love with her. She's just awesome - and a totally stylish mom of three adorable boys. Whether her hair is blonde or brown, long or short, she's always gorgeous.


Monday, May 10, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home...

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I am a huge fan of the Kentucky Derby and all that goes along with it. The tulips that bloom at Churchill Downs, the moment the Twin Spires come in to view, the sound of the call to the post, cheering on horses, drinking mint juleps and of course, wearing hats.

The sad thing is, the Kentucky Derby is an epic fail for most women in the hat arena. It sits too far back on their heads. They leave their bangs down (who thinks this is okay? really?). So many things and it always blows my mind. Here are a few I scoped out this year:

Three generations of bad hat wearing.

Derby is big on the celeb scene and for this one weekend in May they descend upon our city in groups. Some are better dressed than others:

Sigh. Seriously, Pete Wentz? This is not the legend of Bagger Vance. It's the Kentucky Derby. Terrible.

This was last year. And I appreciate Bethany trying to bring some NYC fashion to the Derby. But this just flat out doesn't work. She looked awful. And why are you walking the red carpet with a sucker?

Don't dress like your mom. Ever. It's not cute when you're 5...and it's certainly not cute when you are 29. And I hate black and white at the Derby. It's a spring race - wear some color. Have an imagination.

I don't think this woman is anyone special. But I had to throw her in. Pink, black and white Chanel-esque suite. Red hat, red purse? FAIL.

TO and friends. He looks dapper. I like it. And I love the ladie's dresses and their attempt with the hats. But again, with the bangs on the right. It's a crime.

I was probably most excited about Marissa Miller coming this year, because she is flat out gorgeous. And she looked good. Kind of Little Bo Peep-ish...but good nonetheless.

Here are some photos of people around the track that I felt got it right:

And yes, I did just say I don't like black and white for the Derby. But this woman got it right - so classy.

Great looking couple. Love her hat. She needed something big to take the attention away from her....um, yeah.

Love it.

And here are some pics of MY past Derby experiences: