Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sidewalk Sale!

Sigh. I love them. Especially because my favorite local boutiques do not have them frequently and although I love fashion and clothing, I'm not made of money! I went to Clodhopper's a few weeks ago and was overwhelmed with choices. Usually all the smaller sizes are gone and I don't have much to choose from...that's why getting there early the day it starts pays off!

I purchased a Lauren Moffat dress that is just to die for. I love the open back, the detail ruffling on the belt, and just the overall feminine feel of the dress. I paired it with some yellow Jessica Simpson slingbacks to give it a little color contrast.

Here is a photo of me in the dress:

and these are the shoes I wore with it (so mad I don't have a full length picture! or a picture of the back!):

I also lucked out and got a gorgeous green silk Robert Rodriguez top - I don't have any photos wearing it yet, but this is it:

I love this. And the chain comes off, so once all the hardware/chain type fashions go out, I still have a beautiful green silk top.

And finally, new shoes. I found these originally last year (gasp! last season shoes??) and I loved them, but never got around to purchasing and shortly thereafter forgot about them entirely as I have the attention span of a fly. But, while shopping around DSW this weekend, they called to me from the sale room. You know what they said? "Samantha, you have to buy us! We used to be $150, but then we were marked down to $89.95. And now? We're 70% off of that." So, yeah. I snagged these bad boys for under $27.

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