Friday, July 23, 2010

Closet organization!

If any of you know me personally (most of you probably don't), you would know that I'm the least organized person. Well, in the general public's opinion, maybe. But not mine - I see it as "organized chaos." I was an art major. I'm a creative person, a free spirit. I'm just flat out NOT GOOD at keeping things neat, straight, organized, etc. although it often makes me feel better when things are that way. Make sense? So, I've spent a reasonable amount of time in my closet (and to those of you snickering to yourselves remembering the time I passed out IN my closet after one too many painkillers - the drink, not the pills) trying to make sense of things. So, here goes:

First things first - shoes. Why? Because, let's be honest, in my world, they're the most important part of one's outfit. So here are many of my shoes, as many as I can cram in my closet, and as organized as I can get them.

Some of the "best" in their boxes: Prada, Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, Hollywould, Brian Atwood, etc.

I keep all of my flip flops, organized by color, in a basket on the shelf.

Winter boots, up on the top shelf, until they are needed again.

Tops, organized by color.


Dresses, pants, shorts, skirts...

Gym gear - as a personal trainer and a gym rat, it's important to have these easily accessible. Here they are on my lowest shelf, organized by long yoga pants, cropped pants, sports bras and shorts. Notice how small the stacks are? I really need to do laundry.

So that's that. Pretty much. I'm trying! And I enjoy the more "organized" closet - I have closet envy of those that use all the same color hangers and all their clothing hangs nicely in a row, not a sleeve out of place, but this is as close as I get to that. For now.

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