Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sorry, everyone! RL and a 100 Monkeys show got in the way of my Oscar fashion blog. So without further are some of my FAVS:

Aaahhhhh, Anna Kendrick. I wanted her to win so badly! But she has a long promising career ahead of her, and she rocked this pink Elie Saab Couture dress.
Elizabeth Banks - loved it. Absolutely loved it. She looked phenom in her lavendar Versace gown.
So jealous of Michelle Pfeiffer. Can I please age like this woman? Could she look any better? She chose Carolina Herrara, and chose well.

This could have been a total FAIL. But Demi made it look good. This is ruffles down right and blush/nude trend on point. Ruffled silk organza Atelier Versace.
Yes, I admit - I am a huge Twilight fan. But that is certainly not why I picked Kristen Stewart tonight. She has had many a fashion FAIL. However, she looked absolutely gorgeous. One cannot go wrong with Monique Lhuillier.

Hated this dress on Miley....but loved it overall. If she would have pulled her shoulders back and stood up straight, it could have been better. Jenny Packham.

My favorite of the night! And I'll be picked on for this because a lot of people hated it...but my love for purple supercedes all. The dress is beautiful. True story. And Zoe Saldana? Gorgeous. Especially in this fresh from the runway Givenchy Couture. YUM.

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